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The Books

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Of Gods & Men

ISBN-13: 9798520586296

Three stories.  Three worlds.  Three lives.  One connection.

Jerrell has been selected from a pool of millions to be a candidate for Hallen’s SpaceOut program.  Now, he just has to be beat out the competition to win a seat on the first colony ship to New Hallen, a world light years away.  Being selected offers an escape from their dying planet.  But what chance does a teenager from the wrong side of town—who’s even never owned a pair of shoes—stand against the planet’s brightest and most privileged?  

Max is a successful sales rep, with promotions and a bright future ahead of him.  But how will an unexpected diagnosis affect his future?

As the best hunter in his tribe, El is the unchallenged leader of his people.  But how will he fare against an unknown foe that is destined to defeat him?

Peace Warrior

Book 1 of the Peace Warrior Trilogy

ISBN-13:  978-1452891668

It’s the mid-21st century when Sergeant First Class Grant Justice is killed during an ambush on an enemy tank column.


Six hundred years later, his body is retrieved from the frozen, arctic lake where he perished. Re-animated by a team of scientists, Grant awakens to a civilization that has abolished war. A civilization that has outlawed violence and cherishes Peace above all else. A civilization that has been enslaved by an alien race called the Minith.


Grant is humankind’s final hope against the alien menace. He must be the... Peace Warrior.



Peace Army

Book 2 of the Peace Warrior Trilogy

ISBN-13:  978-1461100935

It’s been six years since Grant Justice was brought back from death. Six years since he helped the Peaceful citizens of Earth defeat the Minith. Grant now has a loving wife and a remarkable son.  Life is good.


But that doesn’t mean Grant has been taking life easy. He’s been recruiting fighters away from Peace. He’s been cobbling together an army from the dregs of society and training them to fight. It’s good that he’s been busy, because another Minith Mothership has been spotted. It will reach Earth in less than a week.


Grant and his small army have been preparing for this day. They must be the…Peace Army.



Peace World

Book 3 of the Peace Warrior Trilogy

ISBN-13: 978-1466388215

Reanimated after six hundred years, Grant Justice has become the leader of Earth's new army.


Unwilling to sit back and wait for the next attack, Grant decides to take the fight to the enemy. He and a mothership full of his best fighters are headed toward Waa, the aliens' new home world.  Unknown to Grant, a fleet of alien motherships is headed toward Earth—intent on punishing the planet for destroying Minith.


Who will win the battle for supremacy—the alien slavers with a thirst for war, or the humans struggling to survive and save their way of life?  Who will finally rule the… Peace World.



The Peace Warrior Trilogy

Omnnibus Edition: Books 1-3


Get all three novels in the Peace Warrior Trilogy in a single e-book.


Included in this omnibus edition:


  • Peace Warrior

  • Peace Army

  • Peace World



CotZA KDP Cover Small.jpg

Chihuahuas of the Zombie Apocalypse

ISBN-13: 978-1493557271


Surviving the undead apocalypse happens one street at a time.


The end of the world looks a whole lot different when you’re eight inches tall.

Cheech and Daisy are small, spoiled and cute. Unfortunately, spoiled and cute are overrated when a pack of flesh-eating creepers are closing in fast and chasing you through the streets. Being small? Well, that might help.

A pair of seasoned Army Rangers, a teenaged Latina, a deranged serial killer, and two lost Chihuahuas come together to match wits and battle a city full of the undead.

Oh, and be forewarned: This ain’t no cutesy Beverly Hills Chihuahua-type story. It’s a straight forward, blood and guts, in-your-face post-apocalyptic zombie tale.

Note: Previously released under the title, "Creeper Town."




Son of Justice

(Book 1 of the Justice Trilogy)

ISBN- 13: 978-1519616357   Published by Kindle Press

For more than a dozen years, Eli has studied the art of war from some of the most skilled fighters on three planets. There's no question, he has what it takes to be a professional soldier.

There's just one problem. His father is General Grant Justice, the most famous man in the galaxy and leader of a new governmental alliance that unites four alien races.

When it comes time to enlist, the younger Justice has to make a choice. Rely on his last name and claim an automatic commission as an officer? Or enter basic training as a lowly private and earn his way to the top?

For Eli, the decision is an easy one. He changes his name and enlists as an anonymous recruit.

Unfortunately, not all of life's choices have such clear-cut answers. An alien-led rebellion is brewing in the ranks of the army he has just joined, and Eli is forced to choose sides. His actions will determine the fate of his father, the alliance, and the entire human race.

Stranded Justice
(Book 2 of the Justice Trilogy)
ISBN-13: 978-1974402779   Published by Kindle Press
Captain Eli Justice is a Shiale Ranger. His training, instincts, and experience set him apart from other soldiers, and enable him to succeed where most fail.

When his ship gets shot down during a scouting mission, Eli finds himself stranded on a dangerous, untamed world. Reports of the planet being uninhabited were wrong, and the need to alert the alliance of the hostile presence is critical.

To alert the alliance, though, the ranger first has to survive the planet.  Welcome to the jungle.
Final Justice

(Book 3 of the Justice Trilogy)
ISBN-13: 978-1983975103
ISBN-10: 1983975109  

When a hostile race invades Cerbius, a distant planet on the very edge of Alliance territory, Captain Eli Justice fights to defeat them at the point of attack. Meanwhile, his father, General Grant Justice, commander of the Alliance military, implements a plan to defeat the invaders on their home planet.

Unfortunately, danger doesn’t always come from the outside. On Earth, everything the Alliance has built is threatened by the politics and treachery of newly elected leaders.

Working together against common enemies, foreign and domestic, father and son must overcome time, distance, and overwhelming odds to save the Alliance and all of the races that count on them for survival.

Welcome to the shout.
ISBN-13: 978-1539106067   Published by Kindle Press
Ben Watkins has a gift. His dreams drop him into other people's bodies… for five minutes.

When Ben is dropped into Billy Shoe, drummer for the world's most popular rock band, all bets are suddenly off. The needle in his arm, the tattoos on his hands, and the loud pounding on the other side of the stall door are just the beginning. He wakes up after a drug-induced slumber, sick and in dire need of another fix. The five-minute rule has been kicked to the curb.
Somehow he's gotten. . . STUCK.
Paper Hearts - Front 233x350.jpg
Paper Hearts

ISBN-13: 9781790657674

Max Tivoli has a broken heart, a cold gun, and a compelling desire to end it all. What he doesn’t have is the ability to pull the trigger. At least not yet. In a last ditch effort to save himself, Max sells everything he owns and buys a bicycle. With no plan, no schedule, and no destination, he abandons his home and pedals away from his old life. Paper Hearts is the story of one man’s struggle to escape his past, find redemption, and maybe—just maybe—discover the will to live again.

No sci-fi in this one.  Just straight up literary fiction.  But an excellent read!

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