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I sometimes get requests for signed copies of my books.  For those who want an autographed copy, this is the place to come.  Not all of my books are listed here, so please shoot me an email if there's another book you'd like signed. 


Ordering is easy and USPS Priority shipping is included in the US.  Credit cards and PayPal are accepted. 

Creeper Town - Signed Paperback

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Formerly titled, Chihuahuas of the Zombie Apocalypse, this book follows two Army Rangers, two Chihuahuas, and a teen aged Latina as they fight the undead.

Creeper Town

Surviving the undead apocalypse happens one street at a time.

People expect heroic acts from Army Rangers.But heroism from a teen-aged Latina? Or from a pair of lost Chihuahuas?Not likely.

When their unit gets overrun, Army Rangers Cody Wilkins and Jim Swanson narrowly escape the growing horde of undead.Driving an armored Humvee with the delicacy of a battering ram, they strike out for Cody's boyhood home in Boise, Idaho.Unfortunately, the peaceful neighborhood where Cody grew up hasn't been spared from the global scourge, and the two soldiers are faced with that age-old decision:Fight… or flight?

Refusing to run any further, the two men fortify the subdivision, take charge of their still-living neighbors, and go on the offensive.The growing mass of shambling, hungry creepers is like no enemy they've ever faced, but that doesn't matter to the small, besieged community.The struggle to reestablish the American ideals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is about to begin.

Version: Signed Paperback

Pages: 307

Notes: Let me know who I should make out the inscription to, or if you have any special requests, when you order.

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