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I sometimes get requests for signed copies of my books.  For those who want an autographed copy, this is the place to come.  Not all of my books are listed here, so please shoot me an email if there's another book you'd like signed. 


Ordering is easy and USPS Priority shipping is included in the US.  Credit cards and PayPal are accepted. 

STUCK - Signed Paperback

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Product Details

Go outside the Peace Warrior universe with this Kindle Scout-winning paranormal novel.


Ben Watkins has a gift. His dreams drop him into other people's bodies… for five minutes.

When Ben is dropped into Billy Shoe, drummer for the world's most popular rock band, all bets are suddenly off. The needle in his arm, the tattoos on his hands, and the loud pounding on the other side of the stall door are just the beginning. He wakes up after a drug-induced slumber, sick and in dire need of another fix. The five-minute rule has been kicked to the curb. Somehow he's gotten. . . STUCK.

Version: Signed Paperback

Pages: 301

Notes: Let me know who I should make out the inscription to, or if you have any special requests, when you order.

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