Peace Warrior Headed to Audio

Peace Warrior should be available as an audio book through soon! I posted the book in the Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) for a royalty share arrangement. This means I'd share profits with a narrator/producer, in exchange for their work.

I had a few auditions from potential narrators, but nothing earth shattering. Then, a week after posting it, ACX notified me that Audible would pay the narrator of my choice an additional $100 per-hour production stipend for the book. According to ACX, they employ "an algorithm to determine which titles are eligible for a production Stipend. The algorithm looks at factors including past print and eBook sales of a title, recent sales velocity, user reviews, date of first publication, genre, and estimated running time (on ACX, longer is better) to determine eligibility." What this means is that they think they can recoup the funds they are paying to a Producer to get the book completed.

Once the stipend offer was posted on the ACX site, the auditions came rolling in. In total, more than twenty professional narrators read an excerpt from Peace Warrior and submitted auditions. I narrowed the list down to my top 6-7 and had Juanita, my wife, and Taylor, one of my sons, listen to the recorded auditions. We were all in agreement on one: Mike Ortego. His voice and intonation sounded perfect for the book--and perhaps the entire trilogy. I made Mike an offer, he accepted, and we set a target completion date of March 23rd. I'm excited to get Peace Warrior out there as an audio book and look forward to the final product.

For those who may be interested, here's a link to Mike Ortego's web site. You can check out some of his work there:

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